UWSA walks for children’s right…prepares for 9th anniversary celebration

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UWSA walks for children’s right…prepares for 9th anniversary celebration

Management of the Universal Wonderful Street Academy (UWSA), an Accra Jamestown-based non-governmental organization, has held a walk, advocating for the right of children and the need for them to be in school.

Walk for children’s right

The walk, led by Nii Kwanchi II, Noryaa Mantse of Ankrah Royal Family of Otublohum Dadeban Naa, is also the Founder of the UWSA.

The walk, which involves some volunteers of the community and the academy, was also meant to fight against child trafficking, child abuse and child labour among several other vices against children.

Nii Kwanchi used the opportunity to advise parents to ensure that their children do not involve themselves in the upcoming general election since they will be underage to do so. He said there was the need for Ghanaians to continuously embrace peace in the December elections this year, just like the previous elections.

Free medical care and screening

As part of the 9th anniversary on Saturday January 11, 2020, the UWSA has organized a health screening section for the children and indigenes of Otublohum-Brazilian lane, where the academy is situated.

The donation for the health screening which was sponsored by a German company, Action Medeor provided free medicines, antibiotics, creams, painkillers supplements among several others to people in the community.

Dr. Evangelia Hammacher, who has been a medical doctor in the last 12 years, led the team during the health screening. She said: “the support to the UWSA and the community is inspiring because it is good to help people who are need.”

Volunteers from Germany and Spain, did a health checkup and gave free treatment for the whole community and all the children. Dr. Evangelia from Germany was volunteering with a team of nurses and other volunteers.

Evangelia extended appreciation to Mrs. Hoffmann who was instrumental in acquiring the items for the screening exercise.

View from some volunteers

Meanwhile some key volunteers and partners of the UWSA have expressed their delight towards the project and said there is more to do for the children.

Madam Barbara Allekotte, a volunteer, said, “I am excited about what UWSA is doing for the community and I’m glad to support this initiative.”

Mirka Huth, a partner and volunteer of the UWSA explained, “It’s nice to see a great improvement at UWSA and how the children are growing and taking their lessons seriously. I am also happy for the new project site at Old Ningo and how work is progressing.”

Marion Ruge noted that she is particularly happy for what the management of UWSA is doing in the community and also the new project site at Old Ningo. “I’ll return repeatedly to visit the project” she said.

The 9th anniversary celebration

The Founder of the UWSA, Nii Kwanchi II, said the 9th anniversary celebration of the academy is to bring together, people from all over the world who have different cultures and experiences.

According to him, UWSA students will be presenting their talents in education, arts, entrepreneurship and etc. He said other artistes from the community will also perform in solidarity to celebrate the achievements of the UWSA.

About the UWSA

The academy freely provides tuition in basic arithmetic, English language, social studies, African drumming and dancing and entrepreneurship for more than 200 underprivileged children in the Jamestown and its environs, as well as free meals and medical care.

Source: BusinessZone Online

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