Golden Star Resources devise corona virus management controls

by Business Zone

Management of Golden Star Resources, operators of Wassa and Prestea Goldmines in Ghana, have said the company is on the high alert by devising measures in order to mitigate the potential risks to the company’s operations.

In a meet the press event in Accra last week, Golden Star’s CEO, Andrew Wray said, “in order to mitigate the potential risks to our operations and people, the company activated protocols earlier this year, as a result the business has been proactively implementing certain procedures against the dreaded virus”.

The procedures according to Andrew Wray, include, development of a specific disease management plan; situation monitoring with the company’s health consultants and other recognised resources; circulation of education and awareness materials; screening of all individuals that have travelled to countries that have experienced the Coronavirus outbreak among others.

Meanwhile, the outbreak of the Coronavirus has now resulted in cases being reported in the Company’s three operating countries.

There have been a number of reported cases of infection in the United Kingdom and Canada where the Company operates corporate offices, and the first six cases have now been reported in Ghana.

But Golden Star noted that none of its staff has been diagnosed with Coronavirus and the business is yet to suffer any material impact on the mining operations, logistics, supply chain, sales or its financial position.

Furthermore, the Company has commenced the implementation of the following controls: restriction on international travel to limit risk of exposure; implementation of hygiene and sanitation controls; implementation of virtual office protocols in the corporate offices; implementation of site access temperature screening at the mining operations; self-isolation for individuals that display symptoms; and Controls to require citizens that have returned to Ghana following international travels.

Andrew Wray maintained that Golden Star’s priority is to minimise the potential risks to its employees and mitigate the possibility of disruption at the mining operations.

Golden Star Resources as part of its plan for 2020, has begun strategizing to make the Prestea mine more lucrative and profitable like its Wassa Mine.

Source: BusinessZone Online

Andrew Wray, CEO, Golden Star Resources

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