Director of UWSA dedicates birthday to all children worldwide

by Business Zone

The founder and director of the Universal Wonderful Street Academy, a non-governmental organization in Jamestown Accra, Louis Yeboah Wonder Doe, has dedicated his birthday to children worldwide especially the children of the academy in this coronavirus (COVID-19) era.

The director noted that though the COVID-19 situation globally is threatening the safety of both children and adults, it behooves on parents to exert their responsibility to ensure that all children practice hygiene and keep to all safety measures in these worrying times.

Children of UWSA having their lunch at pre-COVID-19 era

Mr Yeboah Wonder Doe explained that teachers of UWSA still assigns academic work to pupils of the academy to keep them academically active while observing the necessary social distancing protocols.

“Apart from academic work, the UWSA has also been distributing foodstuffs, soaps, hand sanitizers, awareness creation on COVID-19, sharing of personal protective equipment (PPE) to persons in the community and parents of all the children,” he said.

The director asked all well-to-do people to continue to support less privileged children all over the world and to extend such gestures to all deprived communities. He thanked all supporters of the UWSA and asked them to continue the good work to make the world a better a place.

Some board members of the UWSA, Mr. Emmanuel Quaye and Mr Godwin Torto thanked the Mr Louis Wonder Doe for his dedication and commitment towards the educational development of all children of the academy.

The UWSA provides free tuition in basic arithmetic, English, social studies, traditional dancing and drumming and entrepreneurship to over 200 children in Jamestown and its environs. The academy also provides free medical care and free meals to all children.

Mr. Louis Wonder sharing free items to a pupil of the UWSA

Source: BusinessZone Online

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