Samsung Galaxy Tab S7, S7 Plus: the best camera device in the era of zoom meetings

by Business Zone

In this era of zoom meetings when the quality of one’s camera cannot be compromised for any mediocre gadget on the market, the thrilling camera quality of the Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+ is the obvious consideration for all online meetings and conferences.

For the Galaxy Tab S7 and S7 Plus, the front-facing selfie cam has become more important than any rear-facing tablet camera ever has, at least in this era of online meetings.

The Tab S7 performs pretty well with its 8MP (megapixels) front camera (MP (megapixels) refers to the size of an image, usually in reference to quality of photo from a digital camera or camera phone).

Capturing a selfie with the Tab S7 picks several details and even goes ahead to colour-correct backgrounds and colours that appears deem and faded.

The 13MP and 5MP rear-facing cameras offer solid clarity and color accuracy. This can be tested by performing closeup shots of images.

As the two devices can boast as combining the power of a personal computer, that is because of its ability to fit perfectly as a flexible gadget used both as a tablet, and its connectivity of a smartphone. That is definitely unique to users and prospective buyers.

That PC experience is further enhanced and maximized with productivity as the centre word, with tools such as the S Pen, Book Cover Keyboard and Bluetooth mouse for the complete computing experience.

By Wisdom Jonny-Nuekpe

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