Maiden ‘Return Conversations’ centres on originality and collaborations in narrating ‘Black Stories’

by Business Zone

The Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA), has emphasized the need for originality in Ghana’s creative arts industry while collaborating with the diaspora to deliver content and narrations that depicts the African story.

Speaking on the subject, ‘Black Stories Matter’ at the Return Conversations, a forum organized by ‘Beyond the Return’ Committee, GTA, the Creative Arts Council and TheBridgeZone, CEO of the GTA, Mr Akwasi Agyeman, explained that though there is the need to take cue and lessons from the diaspora on methods and recent technologies in the creative arts industry globally, players and stakeholders in Ghana must do well to emphasize on originality.

He said, though current discussions are usually based on collaborations, originality remains key, as compromising that, could dilute the efforts of the African to portray true identities through the daily narrations across the continent including Ghana.

The Conversations, which was premiered with a virtual Masterclass for players in the creative arts industry and on the theme, ‘Black Stories Matter: Forging collaborations for the development of Ghana’s creative industry’, also featured stakeholders from the USA, who shared information and knowledge on collaborative efforts.

The Masterclass focused on key areas including fashion, art, music, animation/gaming and film production.

“These are areas where the industry in Ghana seeks to build on, in ways that can help to reach audiences not only in Africa but beyond the borders of the continent into the global community, harnessing the skills of the industry both in Ghana and the diaspora.” Mr Agyeman said.

Indeed, the Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture, Barbara Oteng Gyasi, emphasized optimisms and potentials in the sector and appealed to the diaspora to forge collaborations that would further develop Ghana’s creative arts industry.

‘Beyond the Return’, a 10-year tourism investment project of the government, according to the Minister, would further open opportunities for investors in the diaspora to collaborate with sectors here to do business. Such collaborations include areas within the creative arts industry.

Some panelists who participated in the event and masterclass, include Actor and Producer, Lamman Rucker, President of Production for the Narrative Film Group, Shelby Stone, former NBA Star and Entrepreneur, Baron Davis, Fashion Designer and Interior Design Consultant Etu Evans,  Music Mogul, Film Producer and Investor, Vassal Benford III, CEO of Prolific Media Holdings LLC,  R.J. Bucaria, Project Manager for Digital Entertainment and Media for the Georgia Dept. of Economic Development, Asante Bradford, Celebrity Hair Stylist, Philonese West and Award-Winning Producer, Director and Writer Chris Roland.

By Wisdom Jonny-Nuekpe

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