Ghana, United States partner to strengthen justice sector reform

by Business Zone

On October 23, the United States, through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and in support of the Security Governance Initiative, launched the new Justice Sector Support activity. Implemented through the Legal Resources Center (LRC), the Justice Sector Support activity will educate citizens from 40 selected districts across seven regions about Ghana’s case tracking system (CTS) and promote initiatives to enhance justice delivery. The Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative (CHRI) and Crime Check Foundation (CCF) are partnering with the LRC to implement the new activity.

During the event, USAID Ghana’s Deputy Governance Officer, Emmanuel Mensah-Ackman, congratulated the LRC and its partners for “leading civil society efforts to strengthen justice delivery by improving public confidence in the criminal justice system in Ghana.” He noted that a strong justice sector is vital for Ghana’s development and ability to sustain self-reliance.

USAID’s Democracy, Rights, and Governance Program works to strengthen local government performance, enhance government accountability to citizens, improve electoral processes and promote a more efficient justice system in the interest of marginalized persons and communities.

Source: BusinessZone Online

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