“Museums must own up that these objects were stolen”

by Business Zone

#WorldBusinessReport talks to African artists and curators who want to take control of their own cultural narrative and are re-imagining the museums of the future

The era of Black Lives Matter has seen the toppling of statues in British and US cities. Calls for the return of cultural property stolen during colonial times are getting louder. Many looted artefacts are housed by major national museums in Europe and North America. Finally, this year, construction begins on a new museum in Benin City, Nigeria, which will host over 300 of the historically significant Benin Bronzes. However, Nigerian artist Victor Ehikhamenor, who is one of the figureheads of the project, is not happy that most of these artefacts will be on loan. Ivana Davidovic talks to artists and leaders of new cultural institutions in Africa – from the Palais de Lome in Togo to the Museum of African Civilizations in Senegal – who are re-imagining the whole concept of what a 21st century museum should look like.

Source:World Business Report

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