A double masterstroke: Samsung’s ‘The Frame’ offers more than television

by Business Zone

Imagine your TV offering beyond the normal conventional qualities of television in an era where competition among global television brands is intensifying.

The status quo of motion pictures as the number one characteristic of television has been upgraded by Samsung with the same TV, serving as a photo frame.  ‘The Frame’ TV avails itself in other functioning capacity as a masterpiece of art as per the intentions of the design by global brand Samsung.

The practical value of Samsung’s Frame TV is to provide a television that looks exactly like a picture frame with no gap wall mount and the ability of the frame to have customizable features, which it has. The Frame definitely appeals to viewers’ emotions as it displays work of arts from world renowned galleries.

‘The Frame’ hangs on the wall with no gaps

When The Frame is turned off, the beauty of the room is enhanced. The beauty of the interior design of the room is upgraded, filled with world-famous artworks with various depictions. That is what ‘The Frame’ offers differently from other normal television models. It has the art mode / art store / ambient mode+ brightness and color sensor /motion sensor.

Instructively, the era of black screens that had ruined interior décors are over. With Samsung’s Frame TV, world-famous arts come to life in the viewers’ living room and that gives gorgeous alternative of beauty. Hence, The Frame, which has it all but still beautiful in design would make the viewer’s daily life a work of art.

With 1,200+ artworks by 38 different galleries, The Frame TV has a technological endowment of dual LED, adaptive picture+, AVA (Active Voice Amplifier), multi view, contrast of 27 percent and black tone of 20 percent improvement.

It has an automatic brightness control, real time noise analysis and possibility of watching multipurpose content on the big screen.

With a magnetic frame options in four basic colors (Brown, Beige, White and Black), it is quick and easy to change The Frame at any time. That makes it a lifestyle with no monotony.

‘The Frame’ beautifies the entire ambience of the living room

To the photo fanatics who would want to share their photos on their television sets, now have something to be proud of. Sharing photos on The Frame is doable. Artworks chosen from Art Store can be appreciated at ‘My Collection’. The viewer can easily transfer photos from phone or USB stick to The Frame to enjoy them with spectacular QLED picture quality. That is great to know.

There is absolutely no need to worry about photo quality as emphasized. The Frame delivers color volume 100 percent with QLED picture quality. With Samsung’s quantum dot technology expressing colors of the original works more vividly, viewers can enjoy paintings and videos in high definition under any circumstances. The Frame is a perfect TV that has a beautiful design and high resolution at the same time. This QLED TV offers great picture quality which is a basic requirement for all TVs. Of course, those are some advantages of a Quantum dot technology.

In addition to the great picture quality is the adaptive picture+ that provides the optimal screen (for a movie or a picture) by scene-specific settings and ambient light sensor that matches the indoor light levels coupled with an AI (artificial intelligence) that has gone through the data of millions of images and knows how to remove photo-noise and add new pixels to images and optimizes each and every scene.

The Frame is highly compatible with mobile devices. With simple adjustments viewers can use Multi View mode which splits the screen and has mobile and TV screen at the same time. It is 100 percent possible to enjoy mobile content on the big screen without losing any moments.

With the availability of an AirPlay2 viewers have the choice to easily stream and share content from iPhone and Mac on The Frame. With this advantage, it is possible to enjoy various contents bigger on phones on The Frame with a better sound quality.

The Frame signifies the beginning of more to expect in the array of future of television from global brand Samsung.

By Wisdom Jonny-Nuekpe

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