GEPA opens admission for Diploma Programme in International Trade

by Business Zone

The Ghana Export Promotion Authority (GEPA), is collaborating with the International Trade Centre (ITC-Switzerland) and the Institute of Export and International Trade-UK (IoE&IT), for a maiden Diploma in International Trade Modular Programme.

The one-year online programme is aimed at enabling participants to understand international trade dynamics and how to develop the capability to manage, formulate strategic options and define business winning plans in an international trade environment.

Admissions for the programme is ongoing and would end on May 15, 2021 according to GEPA. Eligibility and qualification for admission into the programme include, a 3-year practical experience in International Trade, Supply Chain or Logistics, a first degree or a Senior Secondary School Certificate.

GEPA’s CEO, Dr Afua Asabea Asare, at the launch of the educational programme, said the collaborative efforts of the ITC and IoE&IT gave credence to the importance GEPA attached to human resource development to support economic growth.

Dr Asare said the a long term plan of the programme is to upgrade GEPA’s Export School as an accredited tertiary institution to provide capacity building initiatives for Exporters to reflect the human resource needs towards an export-oriented industrialized economy.

Executive Director, ITC, Madam Pamela Coke –Hamilton, said it was part of ITC’s ongoing commitment to help Ghana diversify and improve the quality of its export operations, and this collaboration was an opportunity to work with Ghana to expand trading opportunities across Africa and the developing world.

Madan Coke-Hamilton noted that the internationally recognized content was tailored not just as an African or developing country context, but a Ghanaian one to ensure relevance to the situation of learners in Ghana.

“The initial pilot phase of the programme was launched in August last year with 25 learners selected for the first model entitled the business environment, and 21 out of the 25 participants completed the training”.

Mr Marco Forgione, Director General IoE&IT, said the objective of the programme was to enhance the professionalization of international trade.

He said the commitment was made not just for economic benefit, but that through such trainings, corporation and collaborations nations could face up to the challenges of social justice and environmental sustainability.

Mr Albert Kassim Diwura, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, GEPA, said the course was in two folds, the theoretical aspect which would be taught online, and the practical aspect, which would be done by GEPA.

He said the entire programme was in four modules and already 21 students had graduated from the first module, adding that the launch was to enroll the second batch opened to Ghanaians and international students.

“ITC is providing the platform while the IoE&IT is providing the theoretical aspects, that is the lecture, and GEPA is also providing the students support and the practical aspect of it.”

Mr Diruwa assured that GEPA would take full advantage of the training by not only looking at the product aspect, but also the capacity building aspect in order to sharpen skills to be able to compete favourably with the rest of the world.

GEPA hopes to leverage the programme to attain its National Export Development Strategy of raking in an export revenue of US$25.3 billion by 2029.

By Wisdom Jonny-Nuekpe

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