Castrol Ghana maintains prices on lubricant in all new GTX promo

by Business Zone

The preferred ONE-STOP global brand for Lubricants in Ghana, Castrol has demonstrated its customer centric services with the all-new promo of it high premium GTX products.

Castrol is the leading brand with the highest OEM approvals in industrial lubricants such as lubricating oil, greases, metal working fluids, control fluids and other manufacturing, mining, marine and automotive lubricants in Ghana

Under the all-new Castrol GTX promotion, Castrol Ghana has maintained prices on its high premium GTX products. What is certain is that Castrol GTX is more than just an ordinary oil as it is liquid engineering.

The company’s customers are sincerely heaping commendations on the petroleum marketing company for maintaining prices on its products especially their high premium GTX products at a time when prices of competitors’ products have been increased.

Prices have been maintained on all GTX products, which is matched with open market prices of other competing brands.

Castrol® GTX® compared to other lubricants of less quality is a premium conventional motor oil that allows for longer oil change interval and has been helping to extend engine life since 1968. Its Double-Action formula clears sludge and prevents new sludge formation.

Castrol® GTX® lubricants enhances the good performance and efficiency of motor engines, minimizes hazardous gaseous emissions, and helps to properly clean motor engines or machines that may have been clogged by particles.

Castrol® GTX® is now available in 4L gallons to ensure affordability for smaller engine cars that require less than 5L for oil change.

The current promo allows retailers and consumers to enjoy a free 1.5 litre Coca-Cola bottle when you make a purchase of every 1 carton/16 or 20 liters of Castrol® GTX® products from an authorized castrol distributor.

Stakeholders should look out for more exciting promos from Castrol Distributors or retailers near you.

Source: businesszoneonline

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