Meridian Port Services’ T 3 is the First Certified Green Terminal

by Business Zone

Meridian Port Services (MPS), operator of Terminal 3 at the Tema Port has been declared a Green Terminal after the facility scored 86.58% in the Green Terminal ratings. The certification was issued by Bolloré Ports on September 15, 2021 following the completion of an audit of the facility’s equipment, energy consumption, operating processes among others.

The certification makes MPS-Terminal-3 the first Green Terminal in the Bolloré Ports Network with a corresponding “Two Stars” status, the highest in all chapters of the Green Terminal evaluation among all the participating port terminals from Africa, Asia and the Americas. Bolloré Ports received expert support from Bureau Veritas in developing the Green Terminal Label as well as for carrying out annual audits.

The Green Terminal methodology and Terminals’ classification forms part of Bolloré Ports’ global Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Plan. The rating classification is governed by the audited compliance levels of over 250 set KPIs and administered by a 4-level scoring standard with entry at “no star” level for a more than 50% score; “One Star” for a score above 65%; “Two Stars” award issued for a score above 80% and finally the highest award being “Three Stars” for achieving score above 90%.

Director of Quality, Health, Safety & Environment (QHSE) for Bolloré Ports, Mr Christian Devaux, in presenting the certificate to MPS, expressed satisfaction in the facility’s continuous effort in delivering efficient port services while reducing the adverse impact of its operations on the environment.

“Following our checks and comprehensive assessments, we are delighted to award this certificate to MPS signifying its achievements in the area of environmental sustainability”, said the Bolloré Director for QHSE.

The CEO of MPS, Mr Mohamed Samara, who received the certificate, reiterated the company’s pledge to improve environmental processes citing the commitment of shareholders and management in reducing CO2 emissions in their operations.

“For us here at MPS, ensuring environmental and social sustainability is at the core of business activities. Following the launch of the Green Terminal certification, we committed to further improve on what has since become a culture, fortunately our efforts paid off and we successfully managed to reduce our carbon footprints to large extent”, the CEO stated.

In the last 3 years, MPS has reduced greenhouse emissions by 36% making it one of the most energy efficient entities. In terms of the volumes handled, its carbon intensity is around 5kg CO2 eq/TEU for the 2020 financial year compared to 9kg CO2 eq/TEU for the 2018 financial year.

Mr Samara outlined five goals MPS is working towards in achieving environmental and social sustainability. These are to identify and manage environmental and social risks associated with all aspects of its operations; deploying innovation and globally acceptable methods to ensure the preservation of flora and fauna and restitution for any loss to personal or communal assets and providing the best working environment for its employees and contractors.

The rest are working with host communities in upholding local norms and traditions and finally delivering shared benefit by liaising with host communities and external stakeholders in the area of community development.

Source: businesszoneonline

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