Unfortunately, the cushion-like cover on the ear pads does not … While Grado merely states that it’s an upgrade, they … I hear a difference in tighter bass, and an all around cleaner sound that is more in your face...whereas the SR225i is a sit back, smooth sound. Difference between Grado SR80i and Grado SR80e? I believe Grado may have tamed the treble a bit in the e line. You might want to wear a beanie to act as a low pass filter to filter out some of that harsh treble. With a wide range of device options, the Gra… The higher you go up the chain, the better the driver matching is. I realize that they're definitely on the cheaper(est) end of the spectrum for decent headphones, but I'm still excited to be getting something of actual quality. I understand that you're excited and nervous, but at this point all you can do is wait for them to get there to evaluate yourself. I'm going to a local audio place sometime in the next week or so to demo several Grado's. Manufactured by Grado these headphones surpass their predecessors the SR80 is. Yesterday after reading many reviews and comparisons I settled on ordering a pair of Grado SR80e cans. you will expect forward sounding mids and a sense of feeling that you are sitting with the band. I'll look into what benefits the quarter-sized-hole brings to the sound and see if, once I get them, I'll need to do it. … My life took a crazy turn as of … SR80e is the third generation model of the SR80 while SR80i is the 2nd generation model. The SR80es are much like the SR80is, which we reviewed years ago. Rumor One: Grado offers new pads on their headphones. Well not the same but extremely similar. They are only good on the expensive Grados because the 50mm drivers are designed with lower treble. My Grado SR80's are over 5 years old with no issues, like anything else if you take care of your stuff it will last. They are lightweight and do not feel too tight on your head for an on-ear design. When we talk about high audio performance, high-quality design, and hi-fi brands, Grado … The treble is no near as harsh as people described (This coming from a Sennheiser guy). First, I need to apologize to L, Headfonia, and most of all Grado for the EXTREME delay in this review. Whether you are listening to music or watching a film, the Grado SR80e prestige series headphones will work well for you. What HiFi. Being a 6'3" male with a pretty large noggin, I'll definitely be giving them a stretch beforehand. GRADO. If second hard is a problem for you then new SR80. This is the SR80e, Grado's next-gen version of its SR80 Prestige Series on-ear open-back headphone. The reason that I haven't used my SR225is much are because the foam was uncomfortable with my glasses. Fact One: Grado changed the earpads on most of their models in the latter part of Fall, 1998, (a year and a half before this article is being written). Th… Then of course you will join the Cult of Grado and never buy another brand of headphones again...... if you have a big head, stretch the headphones out a little by using a tissue box or toilet rolls. I own both the SR225i and the SR80e. The SR80e has a new driver design, a new polymer to … They don't carry SR60e's but they carry most from SR80e and above. Grado headphones are an audiophile's dream, and 4OurEars is the authorized Grado source. Whaths the difference between these? A place for discussion, news, reviews and DIY projects related to portable audio, headphones, headphone amplifiers and DACs. The sound quality is "worth the price tag ($99) and then some" and the sound is "smooth and neutral … Grado has taken one of the world's most legendary headphones and made it even better. They are great headphones for the price. Grado Labs is a family run manufacturer of audio headphones, phono cartridges, amps and accessories. Because the Grado SR80e is an on-ear style headphone and the Sennheiser HD 559 is an over-ear style headphone, the sizes of their earcups vary greatly from one another. Grado SR80i Intro Thingy: I was wondering if I should even review the SR80i because Grado's e series cans came out not too long ago and I was thinking noone would heed my review … Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Grado SR80e + FiiO M6 (100 USD + 130 USD) - FiiO has many mini DAPs, including the newly released M3PRO, and the M7, and the M5, but nothing compares to M6 in terms of how well … I've got a knit wool beanie I might try that out with. The damn cups would never stay in place, they would always slip down. And that pair were similar to the ancient SR80s. Thanks for the response and the advice. Why would it be only a minority who likes Grados? Wanting to upgrade my game a little bit, i grabbed a used sr325e from my local audio forum. Proudly made in Brooklyn NY for more than 60 years. These are unusual headphones in that they’re on-ear but have open backs. I'd imagine they are better matched drivers again but they might be completely different I'm not sure. But all in all, don't expect anything and just enjoy it when it arrives. The SR80e has a … I've gone through a lot of headphones in that time but these have stayed in the collection. if you find it too bright, add a layer of fabric between the foam and drivers. We have unbeatable prices, full USA warranty, and exclusive items you won't find anywhere else. They should be arriving sometime this week, and I'm very excited to obtain my first set of decent headphones. Having never owned a decent pair of headphones before, they really made me appreciate my music more. Entertainment has become one of the biggest forms of pass time of our time. if you want more clarity, do a mod by cutting out a hole in the foam the size of a quarter. The SR80e was a pleasant surprise (I'm listening to them as I type this...) as the driver was different, bass was different and I like how it doesn't fit as tight or as uncomfortable as the sr225i. Press J to jump to the feed. If you put these on any current Grado… If you have the famous Grado Grattle: The best way to get the hair out of your grado drivers is to remove the foam pads, and suck hard with your mouth around the edge of the white pad … The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Hey! It looks like you bought it for the right reasons, so I'm guessing you are more likely to love it than hate it. After some reading, I understand that the main difference between 80 and 125 is the cable.... Am I really paying that extra $50 for just a wire? New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. It is no surprise that quality still says an important value in the Grado Labs. My only issue with them is that the cable is very very long (nice and thick though), so if I use them on the go, I have to roll up a portion of it and stick it into my pocket. Grado has taken one of the world's most legendary headphones and made it even better. I am pleasantly surprised with the SR80e. Yeah, it's the not-getting-too-hyped about stuff that's hard. I mean you've read a lot of reviews already. The reviews I read were mostly for the older versions. I absolutely love them. The world may change, but Grado headphones stay pretty much the same. From AVexchange, a pair of second hand SR225 for the price of a SR80: https://www.reddit.com/r/AVexchange/comments/3azu8y/wtsusaca_various_headphones_dacs_pickup_only_in/. As you have already ordered them, my best advice would be don't expect anything, just wait for them, plug em' in, and enjoy your tunes! Buy'em, and Love'em. Grados are headphones whereby you do not pay serious dough for the "sound quality" but the "sound signature". I also particularly like the aesthetic of the Grados. The reason that I haven't used my SR225is much are because the foam was uncomfortable with my glasses. I run an EQ 24/7 on my Grado … These aren't for you if you are a big fan of bassy electronic stuff, but holy hell does Led Zeppelin sound absolutely incredible on this pair. I chose the SR80e because I was looking for an open-backed on-ear headphone with decent mids and a bass that isn't too overpowering (on a <$100 budget, I'm a college student). And also, what about the SR60e? I mostly listen to folk and metal, and these are perfect (imho) for that. Therefore the yokes and housings are all plastic, with a metal harp (top strap that connects both sides). … New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. The Audio Technica ATH-M50xs are a solid alternative. The 80's have better sound and more bass response but you give up some … :). overall resolution is … The SR80… Grado puts all your money into sound quality in the SR80e, not into fancy boxes or mechanics. Great bang for the buck. Even then, you'll have people stating that the G-pads still make the sound too harsh. I'm no golden-ears-1337-noscope-microphonics-master, but I love how forward the highs are. This coming from someone who's only ever owned "Gaming headsets" like Logitech's G35 model. The Grado SR60 and SR80e are nearly the same headphone with the exception of sound. The official G-pads, with two densities of foam, are terrible on every SR Grado. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, HD800/HE500/ZMFxVibro/W1K/64Audio U10/LearCIEM/K553/H10/M8/MeeP1, T1, T1.2, Amiron Home, HD660S, HD700, HD800, LCD-2C, Elear, etc, https://www.reddit.com/r/AVexchange/comments/3azu8y/wtsusaca_various_headphones_dacs_pickup_only_in/. Only TTVJ Audio sells these now as far as I know for $35 USD/pr. Bit late but I'm curious how you liked your Grado cans? Disclaimer: Grado USA sent us the Grado SR80E for this review . It works great with rock recordings but not so good with top 40 stuff so do your initial impressions with some led zep or acdc. The treble is no near as harsh as people described (This coming from a Sennheiser guy). From what I've read in several different places … The … My advice is start low and see if you like the sound. I believe Grado may have tamed the treble a bit in the e line. In all reality nearly all the SR models sound the same to me. Sounds like they should fit your needs. Grado is a company well known to audiophiles and products like this one show why. I mean it doesn't have diamonds in it, does it? I like them, but I am in the minority here and like Grados. coming as an sr60e user, here's my thoughts: The sound improvements are very noticeable. With that being said, I've used it occasionally. From what I've read sr60e and sr80e are identical except for the 80 has better matched drivers. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Does anyone here have any experience with this particular model that could offer some advice and/or insight about them? Although the style is almost the same as the previous model, these new ones come with interesting features. then be sure to burn them in (play music through them constantly) for around 40 hours (warning: subjective advice) as i find the highs to be fatiguing before burn-in. I remember in the older sr line up, the sr125 had some sort of better quality copper voice coil. They leak sound and provide almost no isolation, so if you want something to wear on the train, look elsewhere. I've had the Grado SR80 headphones for about ten years. The cups would also spin, … I hadn't thought of that, but it makes sense that it would be helpful to condition the drivers before use. And thanks for the info regarding burn-in. The SR60e has a new driver design, a new polymer to better damp resonant distortion in the plastic housing, and a … i'd be interested to know what you think of them since i'm considering buying the SR60 or SR80 e. Definitely will post photos and impressions! A place for discussion, news, reviews and DIY projects related to portable audio, headphones, headphone amplifiers and DACs. The SR60e is a headphone with a well rounded bass that makes for fun, grungy rock and roll listening. Thank you for your advice! Geekria Comfort Foam Ear Pads for GRADO SR60, SR80, SR125, SR225, M1, M2 Headphones Replacement Earpads/Ear Cushion/Ear Cups, Headset Ear Cover Repair Parts (Black) 4.5 out of 5 stars … Totally forgot to post here. very enjoyable in my opinion. The reviews I read were mostly for the older versions. Do audiophile androids dream of electrostatic sheep. As you said the 125 has a heavier cable and also terminates in 1/4. In the shop, they showed me the 125e, but didnht even mention the others. The Grado is terrible for comfort, with itchy, scratchy pads and no amount of modification ever overcame this. I never tried it, nor did i try the SR80e, but is it worth buying any of the more expensive ones? They were designed for the vintage Grado such as the HP1000, SR100/200/300 and early RS1. You're not going to hear anything that you haven't already read. The Grado SR80 deliver a decent comfort level. Hello r/headphones. I own both the SR225i and the SR80e. With that being said, I've used it occasionally. SR60e vs SR80e, both headphones belong to the Grado company.Grado is a famous company in Brooklyn who produce unique and quality headphones. The Grado SR80's are special. Thanks for the heads-up.
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