The fact that an octopus, with the adorable name Inky, was able to escape its tank (and escape to the ocean by way of a laboratory drain) isn't surprising. One New Zealand octopus wasn’t satisfied, however, and made a daring nighttime escape. As I mentioned above, I generally prefer to use a well-sealed aquarium with an open sump in which to keep the skimmer and filtration, but a carefully sealed tank without a sump can work just as well, provided you have a reasonably large tank (say at least 30 gallons for an octopus whose head is about the size of a mandarin orange) and good filtration. BIZARRE footage shows a giant octopus making a desperate bid for freedom after escaping from its tank in a scene that looks straight out of … By . Master of Escapes: How an Octopus Broke Out of Its Aquarium. Firstly now I know what happened to all the crabs I have kept in jars next to the octopus tank! View Entire Discussion (3 Comments) Inky the octopus in his tank at the National Aquarium of New Zealand in … Keeping Your Octopus In Its Tank. Secondly, How did the octopus know which way the … Marine creatures are known to survive entirely out of habitat and be able to understand Human signs leading him to the janitor's office. A carefully maintained tank, plenty of food and a safe habitat…what more could a critter want? 6 years ago. Shares. Inky, an enterprising octopus, squeezed out from his tank, slithered across the floor of the New Zealand National Aquarium, and down a pipe to freedom. By Knvul Sheikh 15 April 2016. Adequate size is an obvious necessity for octopus aquariums but there is far more than that to consider when preparing to care for your own octopus. The aquarium’s keepers noticed the escape when they came to work and discovered that Inky was not in his tank. Octopus slips out of aquarium tank, crawls across floor, escapes down pipe to ocean. In one of the best animal escape stories ever, the common New Zealand octopus at the National Aquarium of New Zealand was apparently thinking on his feet when the lid to his tank … A less independence-minded octopus, Blotchy, remained behind.
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