Search ���12th century architecture��� on google images and a few pictures down you will immediately notice the inspiration for the Undead Parish church. There's a tunnel from Drake Valley going there. Alternate strategy is lead him to the stairs located behind him when the fight starts. Dunno - opened a gate with my Master Key to get into Drake Valley from the area where the first elevator leads down to. Dark Souls (22) Undead Lower Burg: Shortcut by DCNando. Except for the jump attack, all of his attacks can only hit you if you are on the same level as him. Here you will see a Hollow starting to run away from you, leading you into an ambush - so beware. [CDATA[ There's nothing more in that room so head out and go left. Past him you will find a Knight Shield. DO NOT engage the Armored Tusk directly unless you're feeling incredibly daring. There is a spiral staircase next to the doorway you took to arrive here. … Get him out of the way and head up the stairs, following the passage to the end where you will find a corpse in a barrel, break it to reveal its Humanity. Once you're all done with Andre, ascended your weapons and made any repairs. kingk159 - 9 years ago. Once the area has been cleared of soldiers, spearmen, and crossbow archers, you're ready to take on the Black Knight if you feel daring. save hide report. Triggering the Soldier on the left will cause him to run back and pull a lever to drop the portcullis at the end of the courtyard, behind the boar. Blocking his massive strikes will absorb your stamina quickly and leave you vulnerable. Easy money. Then establish a link back to Firelink Shrine and finally, defeat the Belfry Gargoyles and ring the bell.. Permanently open a new shortcut to Firelink Shrine by activating the lift. To avoid him, as soon as you pass through the archway run over to the right where there's a stairwell. Just rest at the undead parish bonfire, afk and leave the room and let your friends enjoy the never-ending sound of Andre's hammer hitting the anvil. This Is Later - Trackback to the second T-section from earlier, and take a left instead to access the front entrance of the parish. User Info: kingk159. You'll want to remember this guy should you ever be inflicted with the status ailment Curse or you manage to commit terrible sins. The doorway is a side entrance to the parish but we head right for now, we'll come back to it later. Head out from Knight Lautrec's prison, back down the stairs and to the main Channeler area. The Channeler is guarded by a small horde of Hollows, and in these vast numbers they can be dangerous. Go straight forward and down the stairs where you will find two Undead Soldiers and an Undead Archer. Use it now and go down. Ignore the entrance to the Parish again and head right, down the set of stairs. There's nothing more you can do for now except talk to him, and he'll promise you a reward later. As you climb the stairs you'll find a Balder Knight standing guard, so ruin his day by killing him. This area is home to an ambush, with a Balder Knight on your left and an Hollow Soldier on your right. Just keep your guard up and attack where appropriate and he'll go down quite easily. After ringing both bells, the gate to Sen's Fortress is opened. Right at the back near the alter you'll see the Tower Knight. You'll find a Mystery Key on a corpse on the far wall. The Undead Parish is connected to the Darkroot Garden, Sen's Fortress, Undead Burg and Firelink Shrine.Important NPC's are the Blacksmith Andre of Astora, Oswald of Carim and Knight Lautrec of Carim. Once it does, retreat back inside and wait for him to finish his attack animation. W filmie przechodzimy z Undead Burg do Undead Parish i … Andre is immensely helpful as he will ascend your weapons for you, making your attacks more powerful and your armor more sturdy. Head further down the staircase and you'll come across that mysterious banging noise. On the altar you'll find the rare item Fire Keeper Soul, a tool used to enhance the healing abilities of your Estus Flask. Head down the corridor and make a note of the passage on the left - we will come back here soon. You'll have to deal with an Hollow Soldier on the way. Once you've climbed up two sets of ladders you'll find a White Light Gate. It's Andre of Astora, the friendly neighborhood blacksmith. When you play online, you hear when another player rings the bell.
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