21 Companies Act 1965 • Currently, shares of Malaysian Companies are issued with a par/nominal value. The Bill received Royal Assent on 31 August 2016 and was subsequently gazetted as the Companies Act 2016 (CA 2016) on 15 September 2016. Nonetheless, there are still other possible reliefs that a defendant can take to possibly apply for security for costs against a company. The passing of the Malaysian Companies Bill 2015 (Companies Act 2016), which will replace the Companies Act 1965 (Companies Act 1965), marks the most comprehensive legislative change in Malaysia’s corporate law in 50 years.The Companies Act 2016 also makes some significant changes to Malaysia’s corporate insolvency regime, as it introduces two new insolvency processes: … The companies act has been newly formed from 1965 to 2016. Legislation Type: Act. Companies Act. Then it is known that the companies act changed from 1965 to 2016. Operational Date: February 1, 2005. It was a useful provision to safeguard the interests of the defendant. It was finally passed in Parliament on 4 April 2016. The Malaysian companies act 1965 was very famous. It is through this act that the companies in Malaysia followed the prior rules and regulations. Unfortunately, section 351 of the CA 1965 was not carried forward under the Companies Act 2016 (CA 2016). The Companies Act 1965 ("Act 1965") requires a company to have a minimum of 2 resident directors [1] as well as prohibiting the company from carrying on business with fewer than 2 shareholders for more than 6 months [2]. Companies Act 2016 • Under s. 74 of the CA 2016, all shares issued before or upon the commencement of this Act shall have no par or nominal value. The Companies Act 2016 (“2016 Act”) aims to align the existing Companies Act 1965 (“1965 Act”) with the international corporate landscape. [ ] ENACTED by the Parliament of Malaysia as follows: PART I. It appears that the 1965 Act would undergo radical overhaul, and considered desirable for many in the corporate community. The Companies Act 2016 does not differentiate between Interim and final dividends, but every declaration of dividends will trigger the requirements under section 132. An Act to provide for the registration, administration and dissolution of companies and corporations and to provide for related matters. (1) This Act may be cited as the Companies Act 2016. COMPANIES ACT 2016. Companies Bill 2015 (Bill) was tabled for first reading in November 2015 and second reading in March 2016. The Malaysian High Court in Tob Chee Hoong v Tob Chee Choong & Ors [2017] MLJU 1303 has confirmed that the shareholders’ oppression remedy (section 181 of the Companies Act 1965, and section 346 of the Companies Act 2016) would extend to both the holding company and the subsidiary company. ACT 777 . Unless the Constitution provides otherwise. Nevertheless, Act 2016 now allows for the incorporation of a private company with the minimum number of one (1) director. Legal Area: Companies and Associations. Taking effect on 31st January 2017, the Companies Act 2016 was established by the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) to replace the Companies Act 1965, with several key updates to benefit SMEs greatly such as lowering the minimum requirements for the company registration of a Sdn Bhd and simplifying the mandatory compliances that a Sdn Bhd has to follow. One of the key changes includes the abolition of the par value regime. 1. PRELIMINARY. Short title and commencement. An act to provide for the incorporation, regulation and winding up of trading companies and other associations and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto. COMPANIES ACT 2016 By: Nor Azimah Abdul Aziz Deputy CEO (Regulatory & Enforcement) Companies Commission of Malaysia.
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