Sometimes the motor itself can become out of balance as well. Lowering the speed, if it works, is a temporary solution to a permanent problem. Easy fix, pull out the blower, disconnect the motor and clean the squirrel cage with hot water in a utility sink or garden hose outside level 2 First step would be to remove the fan from the furnace and clean it well. 1995-2018 MH Sub I, LLC dba Internet Brands. Many times, in an older furnace motor, you will experience problems with noise. I bought this to replace a B168047 blower wheel in a Goodman GMS80905CNA Air Handler/Furnace. You may have something sucked up into the wheel causing it to be out of balance. I removed the blower … That might do it you could have missed on or two. The noise is similar to how a washing machine screeches when its agitator is out of balance. This feature is not available right now. Copyright© – bigbull15 Jul 28 '16 at 5:03 It was a perfect fit. Installing an above ground 330 tank in a garage. The sound isn't usually too bad but shouldn't be ignored because it … Very simple. This draws more amperage and pushes less air. (4) Remove the electric box (1 screw). Or do i have to install elbow for a riser? A variable speed blower motor, however, moves at different speeds to better control the flow of air throughout your home. The return is on the first level. Concerned delivery connection will be approx. I guess it was helping to keep the wheel balanced? I have a Bi-Level Apartment (2 Levels). But cleaning the fins one-by-one was what made the vibration worse. If it is a direct drive make sure the fan is tight on the motor shaft, belt drive check the belt for All information is provided "AS IS." Banging or rattling could mean you have dirty burners or the blower wheel is out of balance. The wheel needs to be centered on that play. problems contact We welcome your comments and Furnace Blower Wheel is out of balance This will make your furnace sound like your washing machine when it is out of balance. The motor itself can also become out of balance. I suspect it's the blower wheel or a bearing in the motor going out. Because they operate at only one speed, these motors are using the maximum amount of energy when turned on. I did have to change the capacitor on the compressor outside last year and no issues until now. This is usually a blower wheel out of balance. Shut your furnace off if you have a compromised mount. New inducer blower wheel wobbles when rotates. Your initial assumption about load on blower due to new filter is valid. I don't understand why it is now acting as though it is out of balance. It is a Gas Forced Air System with the unit on the top level. Eventually, the wheel breaks down completely. It … This puts it out of balance, causing obnoxious banging noises. Motor mounts to fan housing with three screw through rubber dampeners. Watch it spin and make sure it's not bouncing in there. Website operating Ventilation Unit is a Bryant 310JAV066110ACJA. For some reason or another the blower is now vibrating and shaking more than usual now then before the duct sealing. to this site, and use it for non-commercial use subject to our terms of use. This means your blower wheel is out of balance, and if not corrected right away, it will cause other problems to your entire HVAC system. Eventually, the wheel breaks down completely. Thanks for the suggestion and it sounds like ingenuity hard at work. Is this just from normal dirt build up? Now if the blower wheel is out of balance take it back since trying to balance the wheen with the shim clips is done by a special machine and I have never been able to rebalance on in the field accurately. Furnace manufacturers say that these va… Gas and Oil Home Heating Furnaces - Blower Wheel Out of Balance - RUUD Silhouette II - I was getting a low rumbling sound / vibration out my furnace and replaced the blower motor. Squirrel cage fan mounts to motor shaft via set screw. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. Id pull the blower out and go over the blades on the squirrel cage again . Any dirt on those blades will cause your blower motor to work harder. You either have a broken motor bracket or a bad blower wheel. So, I'm assuming the blower wheel is out of balance. This video provides step-by-step instructions for replacing the blower wheel on Lennox furnaces. Noticed a louder humming and shaking in the home when we started to use the AC this past week. This is typically due to an out of balance inducer blade that needs to be rebalanced. It has gotten quieter but it still vibrates a lot. 5' above grade, dont want to make it to high or impossible to hook up to, without a ladder. I recently sealed all my metal return ducts with mastic along with the return plenum. An accumulation of dirt in the blade cups, will affect balance. In … (More unlikely would be that the entire mount of the blower assembly is coming detached....but worth a check. home improvement and repair website. very possible it is a blower wheel that is off balance, or furnace is oversized for the ductwork.®, founded in 1995, is the leading independent submitted to our " Community Forums". suggestions. View our Privacy Policy here. If the blower wheel is out of balance it's very difficult to see it by only spinning by hand. Also, if the motor is mounted to the squirrel cage with a band mount, make sure all the mount legs are mounted semetrical. Same thing is felt with cooling/heating off, just fan on. I was getting a low rumbling sound / vibration out my furnace and replaced the blower motor. When as little as one tenth of an inch of dust accumulates on your blower wheel, it can reduce your furnace’s efficiency by 20%. If the MERV rating of the filter is too high, this will starve the blower suction and cause any minor vibration in the blower motor/wheel assembly to amplify. Most of the time a piece of something (filter, furnace insulation, paper, dirt) has become sucked in the blower wheel (squirrel cage) and causes it to become off balance and wobble. Easy to open up and change the blower motor as a unit? This morning the blower wheel in my York furnace came loose, creating a lot of vibration and loud noise that could be heard throughout the house. 2' above above this fill. Blower motors work in one of two ways: as single-speed or variable speed blower motors. Heating, Cooling, Air Conditioning, Ventilation and T-Stat Controls, Questions About Replacing Blower Assembly, Question on switching 20/40 breaker for 60 breaker, Garage Storage Shelf - Loose Ceiling Fastner. Most of the time wobbling inside the furnace is caused by the blower wheel being out of balance. A new blower wheel over the Internet for residential units may run between $35 and $75. All rights reserved. Sometimes the blower fan is integral to a housing that has to be replaced as a unit - for typically about $150-300 for that unit, plus labor. Might be something got sucked into the blower wheel, putting it out of balance. If the wheel is too close it could scrap the housing when energized. lenght? Call a professional if you’re hearing any odd noises coming from your furnace. I'm just worried it is rodent activity or nesting. If I replace the motor AND the blower wheel, I shouldn't have to worry about something being out of balance, right? Side question: The insulation in the attic has a layer for fluffy dirt looking crap. Video attached. If your blower wheel is out of balance it maybe from the dust collected in the cups of the blower wheel, some times you can just clean them to balance it out. Furnace unit vibrating, blower wheel/motor out of balance or going out. Any Suggestions. Sounds like your blower wheel got out of balance or the motor bearings are going. Do I need the exact GE motor (i.e., brand, model, HP, identical specs), and if so is there a label I Most of the time a piece of something (filter, furnace insulation, dirt) is sucked into the blower wheel (squirrel cage) and causes it to Double check your capacitor, now would be a good time to replace that as well if needed. Other times the blower fan or wheel can be removed and replaced, commonly around $50 Can the cages go bad You may freely link Single-speed motors turn on when the thermostat indicates the interior temperature has dropped and turn off when that temperature has been reached. There are very few moving parts in any air handler. Answer: Most of the time wobbling inside the furnace is caused by the blower wheel being out of balance. A broken motor mount causes the blower wheel to drop and rattle against the housing. Freaked me out. The Upstairs is very warm and downstairs cold. Cleaning the blower wheel on a furnace / air conditioner takes a little work, but is supposed to improve your air quality. If you open it up and look at it you might see a piece of insulation or something stuck in … A blower wheel that is out of balance, but not broken, can also cause the furnace to produce a screeching noise. Another problem that arises from this dust accumulation is your heat exchanger running hotter. 14 years old at this point, but still blowing very cold air. There was some plaster on some of the fins and upon removing it, the vibration worsen. I am trying to replace my blower motor, but cannot get the motor shaft out of the blower wheel. They do make a kits (weights) to help balance the wheel but your better of to just replace it. There is a small possibility that the blower wheel is out of balance. I pull the shaft out and observe the clearance on the spin and then push the shaft in and do likewise. Note vent will be approx. If riser is needed is there a min. I have a 1988 Goodman furnace, the blower wheel went bad (noisy) I flattened the rim to keep noise down, and am in search for a new blower wheel it's 10 5/8 X 10 1/2. daikinac. Sometimes if enough dirt gets in the squirrel cage it will cause the wheel to vibrate when running. Please try again later. How to balance squirrel cage - Answered by a verified HVAC Technician We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. Can the fill line run horizontally (1/4" per foot pitch) outside and just capped ? Most motors for furnaces have end play in the shaft. Questions of a Do It Yourself nature should be I also replaced the blower motor at the same time. I have even added electric baseboard heat to the first level, but the upstairs is still 5+ degrees warmer then downstairs. Called starving the suction of the blower. Have you tried cleaning the fins of the squirrel cage, one by one? Thumping: Thumping and vibrating sounds are the results of an unbalanced blower wheel. It’s easy to avoid this problem by regularly changing your furnace filter. I have been doing some research and seems that there is a hub on the back of the blower wheel in which i could use a puller. While this doesn’t start out as a serious problem, it does need to be fixed quickly so that it doesn’t get worse. Odd sounds like scraping metal could mean your blower wheel is broken.
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