As you say, you just have to tweak it to your own tastes. Got it? The filling for half moon pies is similar, but includes water,so it’s more gelatinous than creamy. It should start to thicken now, and here’s where I get to tweaking: add more milk if it looks like it’s getting too thick, add more custard powder if it’s not thick enough, chuck in half a cup of cream, stir stir stir, watch watch watch, taste to see if it’s sweet enough, or if it needs more cream, stir some more. The pineapple filling is cooked a bit on the stove to thicken and blend the flavors, and then it 's piled into a prepared crust, topped with … What size people are you talking about? As a child back in the 1950s, my mom was sent to live with Auntie Sarah and her family in Lalovaea (so that mom could go to school in town). Hi! Tried out the pie and actually used the egg yolks in the custard filling (the traditional way of making real custard). That the crust didn’t quite stay up? Fold the other half over the top, stopping about a quarter inch from the edge. love this filling recipe!!! Best of luck with your first attempt! Simply mix the pineapple, sugar and milk in a saucepan and heat until simmering. Sometimes the brand of ingredients used will make a difference. If you like, twist little swirly shapes into the meringue with a spatula, then pop the whole pie into a warm (something like 90 degrees C in NZ, or 200 degrees F in the USA) oven until the meringue just starts to brown. I made the pie and everyone loved it including me very easy pie to make so happy thank you so much, Malo e lelei from an expat Tongan NZder living in Arizona! So the instructions here get kind of vague. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Gotta love the Samoan lady recipes lol guess it encourages everybody to get creative with their own cooking yeah? Is it the Bird’s brand Roll each piece out into an 8” (20cm) circle. Samoan Pineapple Pie (Pai apa) Recipe by OneSamoa. I will definitely let you know how it goes once I gather everything together. Sadly she passed away many years ago and I never made the pie because I had a little trouble reading her writing. For me, though, it’s all about the smooth creaminess that comes with using milk (and a bit of cream lol) in the custard. Add to top of pineapple pie and bake until lightly browned in a 375 deg F oven. Apparently, it’s a recipe that she and her siblings inherited from their own mother. My husband will be thrilled if I can nail this recipe! If that’s what’s available, use it. I know it’s not for everybody, but I LOVE me a good meringue. One evening I made a rare public appearance at a function held at my uncle’s church. (I love vanilla, so I use at least a tablespoon). Hi Sesa.. thank you I’m not sure why they use water. Awesome, awesome recipe! according to me, anyway. I do have a question as to why some people use water to mix their custard filling instead of milk?? Remove from oven and pour the pineapple mixture on top. I can’t wait to make this for her. Love this recipe! Required fields are marked *. My husband and daughter, who have never had pineapple custard pie, loved it as did my mom. Add your cream of tarter and vanilla, then beat again for ages, adding the sugar a little at a time, until you get thick, glossy, soft peaks. lol.. You add as much crushed pineapple as you want .. Thank you so much for this beautiful, creamy recipe!!!! I want to try this but need to know the exact measurements. Can I use the same recipe for the custard cup pies? Pies come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and fillings, from sweet to savory. You got me craving some pineapple pie now. When you perfect faausi, can you please post up photos for us to see? Sep 12, 2013 - This Pin was discovered by Brenda . Okay, press that dough into your pie tin – make sure you have plenty up the sides of the pan to anticipate for some shrinkage – and bake till golden brown. 156.3 g Allrecipes has more than 30 trusted pineapple custard or cream pie recipes complete with ratings, reviews and baking tips. lol, You decide how big you want to cut your pie pieces and your guests will decide how many pieces they want to eat…lol Sorry Cathy, I don’t know the answer to this question. Also, I learned something from lots of cookie baking that might help. Guess what? (10 years later… apologies for the late reply.) Well, that obviously didn’t happen, but I finally made that pie today. The ipu ki afterwards was a huge and lovely spread of all kinds of desserts and light savouries to accompany the yummmiest, hot koko Samoa. More information... People also love these ideas The filling is always so …gelatinous, with that kinda firm yet wobbly consistency that I only really appreciate in, well… jello. Now their Sagato Bakery & Cafe offers flaky meat pies and signature baked treats. For the pastry, do I use egg yolks or whole eggs. Glad you like it.
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