During the reign of Nero (50's - 60's AD), a major campaign to ensure Roman hegemony over Armenia was conducted under Cnaeus Domitius Corbulo. Dating from the eastern conquests of Licinius Lucullus and Pompey Magnus in the 60's BC and into the imperial period, Roman expansion made conflict with Parthia inevitable. The Parthian campaign began in 105/106 AD, and it took place at a time when that Empire had been weakened by a series of civil wars. Still more remarkable is the conversion of the vassal kingdom of Adiabene to Judaism also in the 1st century C.E. Anatolia, western Caucasus and northern Levant under Trajan. The Parthian War. Trajan's Parthian War and the Fourth-Century Perspective* - Volume 80 - C. S. Lightfoot. Despite its problems, the Parthians defended their territories fiercely. The Jewish rebellion sabotaged Rome's Parthian campaign and wrecked many cities of the eastern Mediterranean. Trajan's Parthian campaign, also known as Trajan's Parthian War, was engaged by Roman emperor Trajan in the year 115 against the Parthian Empire in Mesopotamia.The war was initially successful for the Romans, but due to a series of setbacks, including wide-scale rebellions in the Eastern Mediterranean and North Africa, as well as Trajan's death in 117, ended in a Roman withdrawal. Mosaic floors as well as many public buildings in Cyrene show signs of horrendous destruction and the Hadrianic restoration. The Parthian War. Trajan's Parthian campaign is considered, in different ways, the climax of "two centuries of political posturing and bitter rivalry." On Ardaches, see below, p. 17, n. 4. They even placed a puppet on the throne of Armenia in 110 AD. The Parthian empire was large, tolerant and weak. In 113 AD Trajan turned his sights to Parthia (now north-eastern Iran), with which Rome had had previous conflicts, mainly over the control of Armenia. It was behaviour unlikely to win friends for Jews or Judaism in the Greek and Roman world. He is renowned chiefly for abandoning the policy, established by Augustus and generally adhered to by his successors, of not extending the Roman frontiers. How free a hand the Parthians permitted the Jews is perhaps best illustrated by the rise of a small Jewish outlaw state in Nehardea. II also came: and Eutropius mentions the kings of the Albani, Iberi, Colchi, Bosporani and Sarmatae. Trajan wished to soundly defeat the Parthians and annex Armenia as a Roman territory. Trajan - Trajan - Military campaigns: Trajan’s civil accomplishments were impressive but, except for the alimenta, not innovative. Trajan's Parthian campaign, also known as the Trajan's Parthian War, was engaged by Roman emperor Trajan in the year 115 against the Parthian Empire in Mesopotamia. Despite his title Germanicus, his first year on the Rhine-Danube frontier was not marked by any major conquest. ... 3 Julian, it is true, set out from Antioch on his ill- fated Persian campaign on 5 March a.d. 363, but he was heading south towards warmer, drier climes, not north across the Taurus mountains. Yet the vastness of the Parthian empire was one of its strengths. Trajan was the first emperor to carry out a successful invasion of Mesopotamia. In the end, apart from glory for Trajan and booty aplenty for those of his troops who survived the campaign, Trajan’s Parthian War achieved nothing, at considerable cost. The last two peoples although living on the north of the Black Sea may have been summoned to give pledges for their good behaviour during Trajan's absence on campaign.
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